Tile Roof Repair & Installation

Tile roof repair and installation in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are replacing your roof entirely or simply need repairs, you can trust Gecko Roofing Inc. for professional tile roof installation in the Phoenix area. We take pride in creating exceptional results with each tile roof installation so your home or business can look exactly the way it was meant to.

Tile Roofing ArizonaTile roofs can be made from a variety of materials, but are typically able to be molded and tinted as desired. This allows you to achieve just the right color and overall look for your roofing project.

Tile rooftops are environmentally-friendly. They are made from naturally-occurring materials without harmful manufacturing processes. Tile naturally insulates your home to help keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can help reduce your energy bills, which is a big win in the Phoenix Valley! They can also be recycled when they are removed.

Custom Tile Roof Installations

There are endless ways to customize your tile roof. Choose from different materials including clay, fiberglass, metal and more. Your tile material can also be tinted to achieve the perfect color. Anything from adobe red to moss green and soft greys or blues are within reach. We can also incorporate a variety of different shapes, including curved, flat, fluted, or interlocking tiles. Hip and apex tiles will pull the installation together with a neat and tidy look that you will love.

Tile roof installations can also be fitted with your choice of accessories, including bird stops, cloaked attic vents and more. Simply ask our team about customizations prior to installation.

Professional Installation
Our team can make tile roof installation a breeze. We will make sure your order is processed accurately so everything is ready on your selected installation date. Everything will be measured, laid in the pattern of your choice, and checked to make sure moisture does not get through. With Gecko Roofing Inc., you can feel confident that your roof will be constructed to perfection – and built to last.

Don’t wait to upgrade your rooftop. Contact Gecko Roofing Inc. today to learn more!